Thinking about golf?  SwingFit is the answer!

 If you're thinking about golf, an ideal way to get started is to join a SwingFit programme.  This is a fun and healthy way to learn and improve your golf skills in a small group environment.  We can provide clubs for you to use, you just need to be there!

We normally run a SwingFit programme each year - most recently in April 2018.  It's run over four weeks of 1.5 hour sessions, after which we'll help you to play a few holes and get you really enthused about continuing!  Contact one of our members, Bernie Gatehouse 0427 616 211 or Ben Traeger in the Pro Shop 8391 0547 with any queries.

New to golf?

Golf is a game with many rules and regulations!  It's important not to be too intimidated by this if you're new to golf - there's always someone to help you with the rules and it's a case of 'on-the-job' learning is probably best. 

It's also important to feel comfortable when you play golf but also to be aware of being 'sun smart' as a normal round of golf can take up to four hours.  Most of our members wear long or 3/4 length trousers, long shorts or golf skirts.  Shirts with a collar are required and, if you don't have golf shoes, any sports shoe with a flat sole that does not affect the greens is acceptable.

To obtain a golf handicap you will need to play three Stroke rounds with a member who has a handicap.  There is the option of playing nine holes at a time for your handicap (less arduous than taking on 18 holes).  Once you have completed cards for 54 holes a handicap is worked out from your overall scores, most women without any previous/limited golf experience start off with a 45 handicap (maximum handicap for women).