New to Golf

Aston Hills Golf Club welcomes ladies who are new to golf.  Our Proshop runs a “Come ‘n Try” Golf program which is an easy way to start playing golf. At the completion of the program, the Club Captain and several experienced members will avail themselves to accompany the new players for 9 hole rounds to help support and inform them of the rules and etiquette of playing golf. New members are also welcomed into the club by the members and encouraged to join in the fun for events hosted by the club, especially Ambrose rounds which are ideal for new players. Golf is a great way to keep fit and make new friends and increase your social life. 


This is a fun and healthy way to learn and improve your golf skills. Learn and experience the basic golf swing and putting action, with opportunities to have fun and get your whole body moving through specific conditioning and movement activities.

Contact Chris Bock on 0401 858 700

What is the "Come 'n Try" golf program?

Our resident golf professional currently runs a program for $60 which includes five - 45 minute sessions.  The last session is usually playing three holes on the course accompanied by the Pro. It is necessary for new players to have some golf clubs of their own.  The Pro Shop can assist in the acquisition of new or used clubs. After the last session new players are welcomed to the club by the President and Captain and further arrangements can be made to support and encourage new players. These sessions are a very good way to start and will help you meet other women who are also new to golf. Players are encouraged to make use of our practice fairway/green to help perfect their newly learned skills.

To register your interest in the future clinics please ring the Pro Shop.


It’s important to feel comfortable when you play golf but also to be aware of being ‘sun smart’ as a normal round of golf can take up to 4 hours. Most of our ladies wear pants or ¾ length trousers, skirts or long shorts. Shirts with a collar are required and if you don’t have golf shoes, any sports shoe with a flat sole that does not affect the greens is acceptable.


Hopefully, after completing your lessons you will be keen to start playing golf. Most players find 9 holes preferable before tackling the full 18 holes. It is advisable, at this point, to choose a membership option which best suits your needs. Our Club Captain will happily organise for you to play a few shorter rounds with other members and then you can start playing on Tuesdays which is our official Ladies’ Day. Just remember that everyone started golf as new players – and no one can hit every ball well. All of our members will help and encourage you and remember the 19th hole is usually the most fun!

To obtain a golf handicap, you will need to play three stroke rounds with a member who has a handicap. There is the option of playing nine holes at a time for your handicap (less arduous than taking on 18 holes). Once you have completed cards for 54 holes, these are submitted to the men’s captain and a handicap is worked out by your overall scores. Most ladies without any previous golf experience start off with a 45 handicap (maximum ladies handicap).


Golf, like any other sport, will improve if you keep practicing and playing. To improve your golf it is essential that you practice and play regularly and get some good coaching. You may like to continue with our own Pro or find one more suitable to your needs.